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Honorary Knights announced

See the full list of Honorary Knights of St. Pat, including our very own Chancellor Cheryl B. Schrader! To see a history of all the Honorary Knights, click on the top right tab on this page. It is exciting times right now: just over a week to go and court elections will be held tonight. […]

Knight time

We’ll have official news releases and all that jazz later, but for now we’re just going to give you the names of the 2012 Honorary Knights. They are as follows: David Bernhard (St. Pat in 1990) Dan Brown (state senator) Charlotte Divincen (executive assistant at S&T) John Eash (incoming president of the alumni association at […]

New Knights

The 2011 Honorary Knights of St. Patrick are Harvest Collier, Steve Graham, Irina Ivliyeva, Jim Murphy, Ted Ruth, Mary Sheffield Wray, Lonna Sowers and Larry Thomas. Read more.

Blog maintenance and extra pyrotechnics

So, yes, yesterday’s photos were gigantic, even by Best Ever Blog standards. Sorry, we fixed the problem. Again. Anyway, tomorrow the famous photo shoot with the court in front of the Chancellor’s Residence happens. We’ll make sure to size that shot appropriately so we can put it up here for everyone to see. Tomorrow night […]

Somebody clear this up for us

Did Rolla students decide long ago that St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, was also the patron saint of engineers … or is the patron saint of engineers part an official Vatican thing (as we’ve now been told)? While we’re waiting for discussion on that, here are some links: S&T announces Honorary Knights Snakes on […]