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Honorary Knights

Honorary Knights of St. Patrick, chosen each year by the St. Pat’s Committee and the S&T chancellor, are chosen for the service they’ve performed for the campus, the Rolla community, the state of Missouri, the nation and/or the St. Pat’s tradition. Names with an asterisk were selected posthumously.


Honorary St. Pats: Kevin Brady, senior finance and accounting manager in student affairs at S&T, and Meg Brady, retired senior director of global learning at S&T

Maurice B. Graham, president of Gray, Ritter & Graham, P.C.

Dr. Chris Maples, interim president of Pacific Northwest College of Art

Sara Marcus, geologist, paleontologist and a scientific and academic editor

Dr. Susan Murray, department chair and professor of psychological science at S&T

Richard Myers, program coordinator in international affairs at S&T

Doug Roberts, University Police chief and director of police and parking operations at S&T

Larry Stratman, Phelps County Commissioner

John D. Wiggins, member of the Missouri Judiciary

Bill Jenks, retired owner and president of Jenks/Long Insurance Inc.
Dr. Joel Burken, Curators’ Distinguished Professor and chair of civil, architectural and environmental engineering at S&T
Dr. Mun Y. Choi, 24th president of the University of Missouri System
Ken Clayton, Phelps County Associate Circuit Judge
Tyrone Davidson, Hist’08, co-director of academic advising in academic support at S&T
Connie Goodridge, executive assistant to the Chancellor at S&T
Steve Malott, former vice chancellor for administrative services at S&T
Dr. Jeff Schramm, associate professor of history and political science at S&T and faculty advisor to the St. Pat’s Committee
Bill Stoltz, Phelps County Assessor

Venkat Allada, professor of engineering management and systems engineering at S&T
Richard Eimer, EE’71
John Gallagher, director of student life at S&T
Nicole Galloway, Math’04, Econ’04, Missouri state auditor
Edward J. Harvey, adjunct professor of business at S&T and of healthcare financial management at Webster University
Doug James, captain of the Rolla Police Department
Mary Helen Stoltz, Engl’95, editorial director in marketing and communications at Missouri S&T
Steve Zimmerman, owner of Beverage Mart

Susan Bowles, health careers coordinator with the Mid-Mo Area Health Education Center at Phelps County Regional Medical Center
Walt Branson, former vice chancellor for Finance and Administration at S&T
Alisa Green, co-owner of Key Sport Shop
Barbara Hale, professor of physics at S&T
Oscar Kemp, lieutenant with the Missouri S&T Police Department
Ashok Midha, professor of mechanical engineering at S&T
Melanie Mormile, associate provost of faculty affairs and professor of biological sciences at S&T
David Russell, chief of staff at the University of Missouri System

Ted Day, president and CEO of Mo-Sci Corp.
Mike Greenway, owner of the Grotto and University Book and Supply
Louis J. Magdits IV, mayor of Rolla
Joan Nesbitt, vice chancellor of University Advancement at S&T
Jeremiah W. “Jay” Nixon, former Missouri Governor
Perrin Roller, GeoE’80
Jeff Schrader, attorney
Robert W. Schwartz, professor of ceramic engineering at Missouri S&T

Henry Antolak, owner of Forum Dental
Henry C. “Hank” Foley, former member of the University of Missouri-Columbia and University of Missouri System
William “Bill” James, professor emeritus of chemistry at S&T
Cheryl McKay, manager of web and interactive marketing and communications at S&T
Susan Rothschild, CSci’74
Jesse Singleton, manager of printing and mail services at S&T
Phil Whitefield, chair and professor of chemistry at S&T

Cheryl B. Schrader, former Missouri S&T Chancellor
Roy Blunt, U.S. Senator
Mark Kearse, former Rolla police chief
Keith Wedge, GGph’70, MS GGph’71, PhD GGph’73
Dilek Acar, Rolla real estate broker
Angela Perkins, former S&T staff member
Gary Amsinger, CE’80
Bob Edwards, founder of Grellner Sales and Service

Roger Dorf, ME’65
Mark Fitch, associate professor of civil, architectural and environmental engineering at S&T
Steve Hargis, director of public works in Rolla
Shenethia Manuel, former associate vice chancellor for Human Resources at S&T
Jason Smith, Missouri congressman
Don Sparlin, professor emeritus of physics at S&T
Timothy Wolfe, former president of the University of Missouri System
Joan Woodard, Math’73

David Bernhard, EMgt’92
Dan Brown, Missouri Senator
Charlotte Divincen, executive staff assistant to the chancellor at Missouri S&T
John Eash, AE’79, MS EMgt’90
Greg Gelles, professor and chair of economics at Missouri S&T
Jeanie Hofer, director of international affairs at Missouri S&T
Bob Hribar, senior laboratory mechanic in the machine shop of the mechanical and aerospace engineering department at Missouri S&T
Kevin Mullally, owner of Mullally Distributing Co., an Anheuser-Busch distributor in Cuba, Mo.

Dr. Harvest Collier is vice provost for undergraduate studies and professor of chemistry at Missouri S&T
Dr. Steve Graham is senior associate vice president for academic affairs for the University of Missouri System
Dr. Irina Ivliyeva, associate professor of arts, languages and philosophy at Missouri S&T
Jim Murphy, assistant vice chancellor for student affairs at Missouri S&T
Ted Ruth, director of design and construction management at Missouri S&T
Mary Sheffield Wray, circuit judge for the 25th Judicial Circuit of Missouri
Lonna Sowers, president of the Rolla Downtown Business Association and a member of the board of directors for the Court Appointed Special Advocates for children in South Central Missouri
Larry Thomas, executive vice president of Central Federal Savings and Loan in Rolla

Robert Brinkmann, CE’71
Jim Duncan, manager of custodial and landscape services at Missouri S&T
Jay W. Goff, vice provost and dean of enrollment management at Missouri S&T
Michael Gross, MetE’88, MS MetE’94
Dr. Kurt Kosbar, associate chair for laboratory development in the electrical and computer engineering department at Missouri S&T
John Slowensky, head director of instrumental music for the Rolla Public School District
Dr. Paul Worsey, professor of mining and nuclear engineering at Missouri S&T
Letha Young, university police officer at Missouri S&T

Kathy Allison, administrative assistant in the department of student life at Missouri S&T
Dr. Cynthia Bolon, PhD Chem’06
Linda Boswell Bramel, Econ’89
Rodney Edwards, general manager of Grellner Sales and Service, Rolla’s only locally-owned beverage distributor
Gary Forsee, CE’72
Ron Miller, ChemE’64
Darlene Ramsay, MetE’84
Randy Stoll, director of business services at Missouri S&T

Warren Carroll, PetE’59
John Moll, CE’69
Stevie Kearse, executive director of the Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce
Jeff Steinhart, EMgt’79
Cheryl Walker, EE’86
Robert Whites, director of student financial assistance at Missouri S&T for 29 years
Dr. Warren K. Wray, provost and executive vice chancellor at Missouri S&T

John F. Carney III, UMR chancellor
Davis Haas
Dee Haemmerlie Montgomery, Curators’ Teaching Professor of psychology
William S. Jenks III
Shelley Klossner
William Schonberg, chair of civil, architectural and environmental engineering
Gary White, CE’85, MS CE’87

Elvan Akin-Bohner, assistant professor of mathematics and statistics
Robert D. Bay, CE’49
John Beger
Roger Berkbuegler
Martin Bohner, associate professor of mathematics and statistics
Gerald Meyr, EMgt’76
Don Myers, ME’61, MS ME’64, professor of engineering management and systems engineering
Debra Robinson, vice chancellor of student affairs
Joyce Thomas, Engl’78

James O. Guest, ME’62, MS EMgt’71
Edgar G. H. Emery, PetE’72
Larry Hendren, MinE’73
Wayne Huebner, CerE’82, PhD CerE’87, professor of materials science and engineering
Kevin Brady, manager of business and fiscal operations for UMR student affairs
Meg Brady, CSci’83, MS CSci’89, computer project manager for UMR IT
Terry Bone, Chem’76, MS Chem’79, PhD Chem’90, lecturer in chemistry
Lucy Sutcliffe, former UMR staff member

Robin Carnahan
Delbert Day, CerE’58, Curators’ Professor emeritus of materials science and engineering
Jim Hartman
Dan Hinkle, EMgt’73
Gary Thomas, former UMR chancellor
Kathy Voss

Andrew Careaga, director of communications
Arlan DeKock, former chair of the School of Management and Information Systems
Brian Haller
Cindy Tang, Econ’85
Jinny Ryle, former UMR staff member
Sigrid Cronin

John Butz
Jeff Cawlfield, professor of geological sciences and engineering
John Cummings, MetE’74
Manuel Pacheco, former president of the University of Missouri System

Nicholas Barrack, EE’75, MS EMgt’76
Nancy Brackhahn, Hon’96
Walt Gajda Jr., professor emeritus of electrical and computer engineering
Bob May
Robert Mitchell, former dean of the School of Engineering
Zebulun Nash, ChE’93
William Peach, NDD’75
Theodore Weise, EE’67

James Bertelsmeyer, ChE’66
William Bleckman, UMR Police chief
Lawrence George, Hon’89, former UMR staff member
Claire McCaskill
Joseph Morgan
Sarah Steelman

Thomas Akers, Math’73, MS Math’75
Jerry Bayless, CE’59, MS CE’62
John Russell
Randy Verkamp, EMgt’72
Dain Ward*

Gracia Backer
Steve Bowles
Terry Brewer
Richard Hatfield, former UMR staff member
John Mathes, CE’67, MS CE’68
Norman Tucker, MinE’40

John Bartel, CerE’52
JoAnn Emerson
Steve Gaw
Mary Gillespie
Lance Haynes, professor of speech and media studies
Wendell Ogrosky, former UMR staff member
James Sowers, CSci’69
Fred Voss

William Anderson Jr., CE’67, MS CE’70
Rebecca McDowell Cook
Robert Fitzsimmons
Jerry Gilmore, ME’60, MS ME’63
Jarena Whitson

Joe N. Ballard, MS EMgt’72
Donald G. Brackhahn, Hon’93, former UMR staff member
Steve Burch
Dorcas Park, Hon’99
Elwyn E. Wax

Kent Bagnall, CE’76
Lindsay Bagnall, Psych’76, senior secretary in distance and continuing education
Jean Carnahan
Christopher Ramsay, MetE’83, MS MetE’85, associate professor of materials science and engineering
William A. Stoltz, EMgt’68

Matteo Coco, CE’66
Margaret Cossette
Donald L. Cronin, professor emeritus of mechanical and aerospace engineering
Marcus D. Ramsey, CE’72
Thomas S. Sowers

Mrs. Gale Bullman,* Hon’64
Gregory McClain, EMgt’72
Jane O’Keefe
Louise Flanigan

Billy Key, professor emeritus of physical education
Carol Molchan, former UMR staff member
J. Robert Patterson, CE’54
Jack Ridley, Curators’ Teaching Professor emeritus of history and political science
Ed Schmidt, ME’67
Ike Skelton

Ken Fiebelman
Tom Green
Doris Kirkpatrick
Linda Martin Sharp
James Sterling
Armin Tucker,* MinE’40

Mark Bruno, NDD’70
Floyd Ferrell
Daniel B. Horner
Glendon “Jake” Stevens Jr.,* CE’64, MS CE’66, PhD CE’70
Richard Vehige, ME’68
James K. Richardson* MinE’32

Donald Askeland
Robert Bruce, EMgt’69
Betsey Bruce
Robert Collins
Marvin Proffer
Lowell Wynn

Arthur Baebler, ME’55
Donald Castleman*
Jeanne V. Epple
Martin Jischke
Margaret Kelly
Fred Kummer, CE’55

Marvin Barker
Ken Lanning*
Harvey G. Martin
Donald McGovern
Lenore Jones Morris*
John T. Park, former UMR chancellor
Bill Ransdall

James Anderson, CE’55
John Ashcroft
Lyle Meyer
Leola Millar*
James Mullally Jr.*
Stan Spadoni
Don Warner

Keith Bailey, ME’64
Normal Deleo
Katherine Jenks*
William Jenks Jr.*
Robert Roach*
Neil Smith
Mike Lybyer
Howard Kilroy

Robert Berry, CE’72
William Cocos
Robert Davis
Bill Emerson,* CE’44
Frank Lange
David Steelman
Dorothea Wolf

Leonard Koederitz, ChE’68
James Mallor
Louise Marchello
Thomas Murphy
Al Nilges
David Simily

Dewey Allgood
Harold Atwell, EE’56
Mel Carnahan
John Kelley
Frank Mackaman*
Joseph Mooney,* EMgt’39
Mary Williams

Jack Keane
Robert McKune
Ralph Uthlaut
Bob Mornin,* CerE’48
B. Ken Robertson
James Wieberg
Sally White,* former UMR staff member

J.C. Alexander*
Philip Barry
Richard H. Bauer, ChE’51
James Halligan
Joseph Marchello,* former UMR chancellor
Faye Tracey

John Danforth
Robert Brackbill, MinE’42
Adrian Daane
Virgil Flanigan, ME’60
C. James Grimm,* EE’30
James C. Olson*
John D. Powell, NDD’47
Marie Sidner*

Joseph Carlo
Paul Dowling, MetE’40
Mrs. V.H. McNutt,* Hon’67
David Oakley
Russell Perry
Jim C. Pogue*
Edward Smith,* EMgt’24

Jerry McBride
Margaret McCaw Lloyd,* GGph’81
Theodore Planje,* CerE’40
Hans Schmoldt, ChE’44
James S. Trainer*

Christopher “Kit” Bond
Raymond Bisplinghoff*
Herald Barnes*
Robert Schuchardt, MetE’51

Dudley Thompson*
Theodore McNeal*
Victor Lomax, Hist’73
James McGrath, CE’32
Thomas O’Keefe, MetE’58
Robert Brady*

Thomas Eagleton*
J. Stuart Johnson*
Jerome T. Berry,* CE’49
Peter Mattei,* CE’37
Elizabeth Lorey

James C. Kirkpatrick*
Aaron J. Miles,* Math’30
Dr. E.E. Feind *
Francis C. Edwards*

Stuart Symington*
C. Brice Ratchford*
G. Edwin Lorey
Bill L. Atchley,* CE’57
Rudolph Torrini
Robert L. Burnes*
John Tryon*
Curtis Logan*
Edward Sowers*

Gale Bullman*
Karl Mounder*
Ray Kasten,* CE’43
William Kratzer*
F. Stillman Elfred,* MinE’17
Edward Owsley*

Warren Hearnes
John C. Weaver*
Samuel H. Lloyd,* ME’47
Robert V. Wolf,* ME’51
Harry Kessler,* MetE’24
Homer Tucker*
Gene Sally
Gerald Lowther
H. P. Montgomery*

Merl Baker
Richard Ichord*
Eugene Northern*
James J. Murphy,* CE’35
J. P. Patterson*
A. Vern Kilpatrick*