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Occupy Pine Street

But not now, tomorrow. Stuff happening on campus today. It’s nice outside. It’s Friday. That is all.

Follies …

Green people! Green dogs! Sometimes green pot-bellied pigs! Attempts at humor! St. Pat’s Follies are sometimes silly, occasionally crude, and always part of the Best Ever tradition. — video by Terry Barner

St. Pocalypse Now (or at 11:45 ish…)

I didn’t shave and I wore a hat to work in honor of Manure Spreader Day. Forgot to wear green, of all things. There’s only so much one man can do! Good luck to all of this year’s participants for the rest of the week and weekend. Have fun. Be safe!

Here’s the official photo

Snakes alive! (or actually pretty dead by now)

Don’t worry, they’re not real.