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Student knights and Queen candidates announced

The full listing of Student Knights and Queen of Love and Beauty candidates has just been announced! Be sure to congratulate all the participants and look forward to seeing the winners in the parade on Saturday! In the meantime, see all the snake bashing and Follies action on the Missouri S&T Flickr account.

The snakes are on their way

Do you know where your shillelagh is? 50 daze till St. Pat’s.

Snakes on a campus

The campus has been infested by snakes! Students must use their shillelaghs to club the snakes to death (and bite their heads off). Photos of these heroics will follow this afternoon. In the meantime, head over to the Miner Madness bracket and click the vote button next to the St. Pat’s event you think is […]

Snakes alive! (or actually pretty dead by now)

Don’t worry, they’re not real.

OK, people. Beware of snakes.

According to Daniel Johnson: “Snake Invasion first began in 1912, four years after the first St. Pat’s celebration on the then MSM campus. Every student used to carry a shillelagh before 1944. Freshman of participating organizations tend to be the only ones carrying them now, however.” Anyway, the free St. Pat’s concert, as you’ve probably […]