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Meet the court

Daniel Kuehl, a junior in metallurgical engineering, is portraying the 2013 St. Patrick. The members of St. Pat’s Court for 2013 are: Master guards: Samuel Nichols, a junior in metallurgical engineering; and Ryan Carpenter, a junior in mining engineering Guards: Angelo Tuano, a junior in mechanical engineering; Timothy Chapman, a junior in mechanical engineering; Blake […]

Here’s the official photo

More info on the court

Caleb Marting, a junior in chemistry at Missouri University of Science and Technology, will portray St. Patrick during the 103rd celebration of St. Pat’s in Rolla. Marting is from St. Louis. St. Pat and his court will officially arrive in downtown Rolla at noon Wednesday, March 9. Following a procession through downtown in the traditional […]

Court is in session

Your 2011 St. Pat is Caleb Marting. And here are the members of St. Pat’s Court: 1st Master Guard – Kyle Anderson 2nd Master Guard – John Petrovic 1st Guard – Alex Kaveler 2nd Guard – Matt Mitchell 3rd Guard – David Potts 4th Guard – Peter Hungiauko Herald – Andrew Hoffmann 1st Page – […]

Stephanie Rostad is the 2010 Queen of Love and Beauty

The town is waking up. It’s cool and damp. Pine Street is murky green. People are already wandering the streets. Big tents have been set up. Barbecue grills. Smoke. Kegs. Everybody wearing their colors. It’s Saturday. It feels like a big time college football game is about to break out. Anyway, Stephanie Rostad is your […]