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We practically have a monopoly when it comes to the business of being the best ever

This year’s parade will begin at 11 a.m. Saturday, March 13, in downtown Rolla. The theme is “Board Games.” (This means floats should have something to do with Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, Mouse Trap, something from Milton Bradley — not the contentious baseball player — or Parker Brothers, or something a little more cool and recent, […]

More details soon

Concert news is starting to come in. We’ll post the details as soon as they’re finalized. (In addition to music from the headlining band, we’re pretty sure Grateful Dead tunes will be played at some point.) We’re also hearing about the possibility of the coronationan ceremony being extra explosive this year. Missouri S&T will start issuing […]

First Ever, Best Ever, Whatever

On a different front, the Lady Miners got a First Ever kind of victory today during this Best Ever week. Meanwhile, The Best Ever Blog is busy anticipating tomorrow’s parade. It’s only a matter of hours now until the street painters will start to do their thing. We might not get a chance to post […]

It’s not clear how some traditions get started

St. Pat’s official vehicle is a manure spreader. We have no idea why. (If you know, please tell us.) Anyway, this photo is of an old manure spreader (allegedly) — a really old manure spreader. Some crazy people are going to make this into a float or something for Saturday’s parade.

Calling all Kansas City area alumni

Hear ye, hear ye, all past board reps from the Kansas City area: If you’re planning to come back to campus to paint Pine Street green this year, we need to hear from you quickly for a top-secret project. Please email us at as soon as you get this. It’s very important. Thanks.