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First Ever, Best Ever, Whatever

On a different front, the Lady Miners got a First Ever kind of victory today during this Best Ever week.

Meanwhile, The Best Ever Blog is busy anticipating tomorrow’s parade. It’s only a matter of hours now until the street painters will start to do their thing. We might not get a chance to post to this blog much in the midst of this big weekend, but we’ll follow up on Monday at the latest, at which time we will have a bunch of re-cap stuff and we’ll solicit your stories/comments about the 100th celebration. Even though this blog will ultimately go into hibernation, we’ll be back again for the 101st celebration.

P.S. Check out the St. Louis Post-Dispatch tomorrow for a big story on the Best Ever. Also, the Associated Press is coming tomorrow, which means this thing might get some national coverage.


  1. Dr. George Karr says

    Karrs had car trouble 3/15/08 so we stayed home and watched THE Parade on TV for 90 minutes. I was disappointed that so many "Floats" were actually just a car with somebody’s name taped to the side of it. A 30 minute parade with real floats would have been good. The bands were GREAT!