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Gonzo report

The Best Ever Blog has officially had its first green beer of the year. Gonzo Games are going on today and tomorrow at the Student Rec Center, inside and out. The beer garden is located inside, which just doesn’t seem quite right. But it’s nice to see the alumni milling around, telling stories about times when they still had hair on the tops of their heads and their jackets were a deeper green. We have a feeling those stories will grow taller on down the line (is that part of an REO Speedwagon lyric?) as we get closer to Saturday.

The Governor was on campus today for something entirely unrelated to St. Pat’s (though he recently did set his hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Missouri on a proclamation stating that St. Pat’s in Rolla is hereby totally awesome). Anyway, we got to Gonzo Games late this afternoon and didn’t see much action, although there were some really impressive looking cudgels in the parking lot of the rec center. No more photos today. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Sara (Carney) Freeman says

    REO was the favorite live concert band and favorite play list on the UMR radio station during my years there. I listened to 311 and liked their stuff, but "Golden Country" is still the song of all songs.