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Funds sought for new St. Pat statue

The St. Pat’s Board is working with the St. Pat’s Fund Advisory Board (Miner Alumni Association) to raise money for St. Pat’s at Missouri S & T. Their number one project is to erect a Bronze St. Pat’s Statue outside on campus. This has been a dream of many since the original statue was given to UMR by the St. Pat’s Board in the fall of 1970. The existing St. Pat Statue in the library will be the basis for the mold of the new statue. The new statue will be placed near the St. Pat’s Puck or some prominent area on campus.

The estimated cost of the statue project is $70,000 or more. If interested, your donation may be made to the St. Pat’s Fund throught the Miner Alumni Association. Donations are tax deductible. Please put St. Pat’s Fund in the memo section of your check. If your employer has a matching gift program, check with them to see if your donation qualifies for matching funds.

All donations are appreciated and will receive the following special recognitions:

All Donors to the St. Pat’s Fund will receive a distinctive serially-numbered lapel pin.

Sustaining Donors ($1,000-$4,999) will receive a framed and mounted photograph of the completed statue.

Patron Donors ($5,000 and up) will be honored with their names on a bronze plaque on the statue base.

If you have any questions or want additional information, contact Eric Dunning or Dan Hinkle at St.PatsFund AT gmail dot com.


  1. Eric Dunning says

    One of the options for proposed location of the Bronze St. Pat Statue is in the general area of the St. Pat’s Puck.,-91.773246&spn=0.00099,0.002371&z=18

  2. Eric Dunning says

    Existing Statue Material
    I’m curious about its material–it looks like plaster coated with a bronze paint of some kind but when you knock on it, it has a dull ring to it as if it were actually made of metal. – L.H.
    The existing statue is plaster reinforced with metal armature. There is a patina over the form consisting of paints and gold bronze powder used for highlights. The sound you heard is typical in a large piece such as this. Rudy Torrini

  3. Eric Dunning says

    Sculptor of the St. Patrick Statue is Rudolph Torrini, Sculptor & Artist in Residence and Professor Emeritus Fontbonne College
    (Honorary Knighthood of St. Patrick, University of Missouri, Rolla, 1971)