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We’re halfway there

St. Pat’s is six months away. Only 182 daze separate us from the annual tradition. It’s hot in Rolla now, but cold weather is looming. The 2016 St. Pat’s sweatshirt will be unveiled during Homecoming this year. Visit to keep up-to-date on all things St. Pat’s and start planning your greenest person costume today!

125 daze to go

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays. Thanksgiving? No. New Year’s? NO! St. Pat’s in Rolla is only 125 daze away.

Sweatshirt project — 2003

So we’re serious about doing this sweatshirt project thing. Here’s 2003. Send us a photo of you in your old St. Pat’s sweatshirt at bestever AT mst dot edu. Dont’ forget to tell us what year the shirt is from. Also, let us know if it’s OK to use your name in the caption.

Sweatshirt project

Help us make a photo library of every St. Pat’s sweatshirt design since ???? We’ll post photos on the blog as we receive them. Once we use a photo from a particular year, say 1982, we won’t post another from that year. We’ll keep going until as many years as possible are represented. Send your […]