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Identity of St. Pat to be revealed tonight

So we apparently misspelled Guinness – as in Guinness beer – something like 17 times in a post from earlier this year (we went back and fixed it). This is a sin that can only be pardoned by St. Pat. Fortunately, a new St. Pat will be publicly announced tonight. Via Twitter! The identity of […]

28-year-old administrator was first to lead campus during St. Pat’s

We received the following information in an email from Greg Harris, senior development officer at S&T: I recently discovered that there is a Lewis E. Young Scholarship at Missouri S&T. Dr. Young led this campus in 1908 when he averted a near riot by allowing himself to be knightedby student George Menefee as the first […]

Get your Green

For those of you in Rolla, here’s where you can pick up official Green shirts and other merchandise: Keysport; Party Market; Illusions (Hair Salon behind Applebees); Beverage Mart; Kroger; Russ and Rena’s; Discount Smoke Shop; Russel’s Town and College Shop; Dave’s Barbershop; Central Federal Savings and Loan; University Book and Supply. Those places should have […]

There’s an app for that

Wondering how long it is until the next St. Pat’s Celebration at Missouri University of Science and Technology? There’s an app for that. A group of Missouri S&T students has developed an iPhone application that counts down the number of days – or “daze,” in St. Pat’s parlance – until the next annual celebration. The […]

Make way for the manure spreader!

St. Pat and his court arrived in downtown Rolla yesterday to “officially” begin the 2009 celebration. There are already PLENTY of St. Pat’s photos on flickr . Please help us identify people in the individual photos. Send the photo number and student names to P.S. We are taking an imaginary survey, and the imaginary […]