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St. Pat’s Board represented at Guinness anniversary in Ireland

Rodney Edwards, manager of Grellner Distributing Co. in Rolla, recently represented Rolla and Missouri University of Science and Technology’s St. Pat’s Board during the 250th anniversary of the St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, home of world famous Guinness Stout.

Sir Arthur Guinness signed a 900-year lease in 1759, and the St. James Gate Brewery has been home to Guinness ever since. Edwards, a Missouri S&T alumnus and Honorary St. Pat’s Board Rep, says he learned the perfect pour for Guinness while visiting the brewery.

Edwards wore his St. Pat’s Board jacket everywhere he went during his trip to Dublin. “People thought it was representative of a sports team,” he says. “They were very interested and excited to hear that we Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like they do.”

Edwards was named an Honorary Knight of St. Patrick during the St. Pat’s celebration of 2009. He is currently working to set up a research scholarship on campus that would be funded by Guinness.

“Rodney Edwards is one of our most enthusiastic community assets,” says Dr. Lance Haynes, St. Pat’s faculty advisor at Missouri S&T. “He invited us all out for a great photographic presentation of his trip so that he could share the excitement of the anniversary event with the Board. We’re really fortunate to have supporters of Rodney’s caliber in the St. Pat’s organization.”