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We just got back from the unveiling of the bronzed statue of St. Patrick, the patron saint of engineers, and we’re here to tell you that bronzed version of the Olde Hibernian looks good. St. Pat now stands on the north side of Toomey Hall, facing Curtis Laws Wilson Library, which was his home since the early ’70s. We’ll have photos of the unveiling ceremony to share early next week. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy this beautiful spring weather in Rolla and have yourself the best Best Ever ever.

If you’re not in Rolla, we’re sorry. But you can experience St. Pat’s vicariously via the photos on our official St. Pat’s Flickr photo site.

P.S. – In other news, Missouri S&T junior Emma Kessler was named the Queen of Love and Beauty during Friday night’s Coronation.