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We still have an appetite for destruction and/or burritos

Who will ever forget the inspired posts that populated this blog a year ago as we were gearing up for the 100th Best Ever celebration? Not us.

This blog was launched (under the headline “Appetite for destruction and/or burritos”) with these words:

This is the first ever post on the Best Ever Blog. It might look pretty tame right now, but this blog is going to be a beast that promises to have a big appetite. Please keep it well fed by submitting comments as we approach the 100th anniversary of St. Pat’s in Rolla.

Sometimes we got caught up in all of the excitement:

There’s a rumor about a special flyover by Blackhawk helicopters at some point this week, probably Saturday. Also, there are a bunch of big cannon salutes planned, starting with blasts to signal the court’s arrival today. There’s nothing like heavy weaponry during St. Pat’s week in Rolla. It makes us proud to be Americans!

And we even treated the blog to an adult beverage:

The Best Ever Blog has officially had its first green beer of the year. Gonzo Games are going on today and tomorrow at the Student Rec Center, inside and out. The beer garden is located inside, which just doesn’t seem quite right. But it’s nice to see the alumni milling around, telling stories about times when they still had hair on the tops of their heads and their jackets were a deeper green. We have a feeling those stories will grow taller on down the line (is that part of an REO Speedwagon lyric?) as we get closer to Saturday.

OK. Now it’s time to put all of that behind us and look forward to the 2009 Best Ever celebration. Soon, we’ll embark on another busy blogging season leading up to the middle of March. Please join us. This is where all of the cool kids hang out.