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Good times


The birds are singing, love is in the air, and the manure spreader is ready to go. Seriously, it’s nice outside. If you’re in Rolla, St. Pat and his court will officially arrive at 11:30 a.m. downtown. More Follies will follow. See you there.

P.S. There’s a rumor about a special flyover by Blackhawk helicopters at some point this week, probably Saturday. Also, there are a bunch of big cannon salutes planned, starting with blasts to signal the court’s arrival today. There’s nothing like heavy weaponry during St. Pat’s week in Rolla. It makes us proud to be Americans!

P.P.S. Another shout out to B.A. Rupert, who is taking a bunch of photographs (like the one above and the one’s below) for us. Basically, if it’s a mediocre or bad shot, we took it. If it’s really good, the credit goes to Rupert. Of course, the St. Pat’s Board also has its own photographer, Dozzle or something like that. His photos are great, too, but this is a separate deal.