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Appetite for destruction and/or burritos

This is the first ever post on the Best Ever Blog. It might look pretty tame right now, but this blog is going to be a beast that promises to have a big appetite. Please keep it well fed by submitting comments as we approach the 100th anniversary of St. Pat’s in Rolla. We welcome your stories and photos and ideas and questions about everything green. We’d especially like photos of you in old St. Pat’s sweatshirts. If you want to send us stuff that you can’t leave in the comments section below, email us at bestever AT mst dot edu. In the meantime, we’ll be frequently updating this site with weird, informal and informative St. Pat’s stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

P.S. The unofficial headquarters of the Best Ever Blog is, of course, the Grotto, home of Burrito Fridays.

P.P.S. Those of us here at the Best Ever Blog live by — but do not necessarily endorse — Doc Holliday’s sentiments in the great American film classic Tombstone: We have not yet begun to defile ourselves!

P.P.P.S. Check out the last ever issue of UMR Magazine, which was dedicated to St. Pat’s. (P.P.P.P.S. Now it’s called Missouri S&T Magazine.)