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Coloring books, fireworks, and 21 gun salutes

Elementary schools all over Phelps County are receiving St. Pat’s coloring books this week. Students in grades 1-4 may enter a coloring contest with cash prizes. In addition to St. Pat’s pictures, the coloring book contains the history of St. Pat’s in Rolla. Organizers hope to give the kids a sense of ownership and pride in a legend unique to this area.

Fireworks will be shot for kids at twilight on Thursday, March 13. The public is invited to watch the display, which will originate from the parking lots north of McNutt Hall on campus. In addition to the Thursday night show, there will be fireworks at approximately 8:45 p.m. on Friday in honor of the coronation and knighting ceremony.

Also, the 100th anniversary will be marked by “21 Gun Salutes” fired at noon Wednesday in honor of St Pat’s arrival at the Bandshell, fired again Friday night to herald the coronation, and fired twice Saturday.